• Monday May 30th
  • Pharmaceutical Grade What Does It Really Mean?
  • We see or hear the term “pharmaceutical grade” a lot these days when it comes to nutritional supplements, but what does the term mean? It turns out it means nothing! Oh it sounds impressive, it sounds superior, it sounds like something--an expert or knowledgeable professional would talk about.

    But the reality is it is simply a made up marketing term--with no real meaning in the real world. It is used as an advertising cliché to imply a product is of a higher quality or elite grade.

    Any search on the internet using -pharmaceutical grade—will bring back results from lots of websites with “certified wellness consultants”--who use the term to describe the fish oil product they represent.  (and no you won’t find my website using this term).
    You will also find--a lot of websites explaining how their fish oil has met the rigorous standards of the IFOS or (international fish oil standards).

    Now that fish oil has become one of the best-selling nutritional supplements of all time, you find many companies jumping on the band wagon to produce and sell this product. IFOS--the name does sound impressive--is a private company that does fish oil testing for a fee. As a believer in “Truth in Advertising” I want to point out that you must get past the hyperbole and understand what your supplement needs to provide for you to give the best nutrition, best quality and best cost possible.

    You want fish oil that is free from contaminants, harvested from clean waters in an eco-friendly manner. At least that’s what I believe people want in their supplements.

    What kind of product would give you that?

    One manufactured from--ONLY the skin and flesh of the fish–never the organs. Watch out for supplements that proudly tout the use of the “Whole” fish, (organs are where pollutants gather and concentrate). The fish oil you choose needs to be purified using the molecular distillation process and harvested from the pristine waters around New-Zealand (well away from shipping lanes and industrial dump sites)

    While no one is allowed to claim their product is 100% pure. Isn’t it nice to know using molecular distillation to purify fish-oil reduces--any possible--toxins found in the flesh of the fish to--undetectable levels. And fish harvested from cleaner waters are cleaner fish to begin with.
    Pretty hard to do better than that!